Fixed Price Conveyancing in Portugal

Few people even think of risking a house purchase without a solicitor or conveyancing expert.

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Despite the financial crisis, Portugal remains a top three choice for the overseas property buyer & with some very good reasons. Prices amongst the lowest in Europe combined with rapidly modernising legal structure offering property buyers a high degree of protection means that Portugal continues to offer great value & and security compared to many other destinations.

We´ve all heard some of the “horror stories” that occur to overseas property buyers (presumably a sensible degree of self-protection prompted you to read this far) and in the not too distant past, planning-permission and construction were nowhere near as tightly regulated or closely supervised as they are now. Happily it is quite rare to encounter buyers who have been downright swindled, but it is not so uncommon (especially with older properties) to encounter situations implying thousands of euros expenditure and months of delay before a buyer can truly discount the possibility that his or her new home is absolutely legally fit for habitation and not at risk of eg refusal of access to domestic electricity or mains water connections.

Unfortunately when the more common problems do occur they often fall within the realm of what the buyer should beware, with little chance of recourse against the seller, promotor, or estate agent. An unnoticed issue such as the above example is something that really shouldn´t be allowed to take a home-buyer by surprise, yet whilst the legal system can be quite heavy handed on perpetrators of outright fraud, it doesn´t impose sanctions that encourage better full-disclosure of facts. It is therefore very important before signing any contract or making significant financial commitment to have competent and impartial advice.

Our conveyancing team exist to provide exactly this sort of advice and ensure our clients don´t fall victim to unpleasant surprises. We also appreciate that the needs of an overseas buyer are very diferent from those of local residents and go out of our way to help our clients understand what is or isn´t likely to be an issue for them when dealing in our local market. For example, we can deal with the opening of a bank account and a mortgage application if needed.

Our free online quotation service and information guide includes a lot more information on the total cost of buying in Portugal than just our own fees. Our quotes are personalised and up to date to a standard that is very hard to find amongst a plethora of property buying information available online. It only takes seconds to request (we don´t even need a name or phone nº) so why not try it? even if you aren´t ready to purchase yet it might help to see how our costs calculations compare with those you have been encouraged to expect?